finely crafted furniture
by Alexander Lohr

Hi, my name is Alex.

I am a Joiner and I design furniture for manufacturing in my family’s workshop.

Major importance in my work have artisanal processes, that keep me growing further as a maker and allow me to facilitate the people that I work with, the use of hand selected, sustainable wood and the creation of things of beauty and usefulness.

Armchair in stained Oak

available for comission – lead time 8 to 12 weeks – 1220 €

lead time is 4 to 6 weeks

interested in buying?

please get in touch via email: alexander@lohora.de
or make a call: + 49 160 90664490
Alexander Lohr
Dieburger Straße 34
60386 Frankfurt/M

Table in stained Oak

available for comission – lead time 8 to 12 weeks – 2800 €

The Wood

Oak from sustainable forestry in Germany

I mainly use Oak because it excells in durability and is known for its longevity. Besides technical benefits I love its vivid textur and the rich growth-traits give every piece uniqueness.

The finish

stained hard wax oil

To finish off my work, i use high quality hard-wax-oil of ecological production. It protects the wood against daily wear, is applied in two layers after three sanding and one dampen processes.

The Workshop

Lohr – Holz & Raum

Manufacturing technique

I use handcrafted Jigs to craft the components.

For the manufacturing process of the armchair the set of jigs contains 21 pieces.

Jigs for the seating frame

Jigs for the joints

Jigs for the arm- and backrest of the armchair

Jigs for the leg of the armchair